Steve Scott, Formerly of Birmingham, Alabama: About

Steve Scott is a seasoned entrepreneurial businessman who was formerly based in Birmingham, Alabama. Today, he works in Puerto Rico with Blue Water Management and Consulting as Chief Executive Officer.

Since graduating from high school in 1977, Steve Scott has worked in areas like Birmingham, Alabama. He started with his brother’s company – Scott Gold Co. – traveling the Southeastern United States as a salesman and helping take the business to multi-million-dollar status.

While working with Scott Gold Co., Mr. Scott graduated with a diamond grading degree, received his pilot’s license and received his scuba diving license. He also holds various business-, training- and management-related certifications.

In 1993, he started endeavors like Scott’s Pawn & Jewelry. Between 2002 and 2005, he worked as a Consultant for Capital Group International and, by 2012, he was in Puerto Rico with Blue Water Management and Consulting.

As Chief Executive Officer of Blue Water Management and Consulting, Mr. Scott directs and coordinates budget activities to fund operations, increase efficiency and maximize investments. He also analyzes operations to evaluate company and staff performance, determining areas of potential cost reduction, program improvement or potential policy change, among a lengthy list of other responsibilities.

Some of his many skills include entrepreneurship, strategic planning, small business ownership, new business development, team building, sales management, leadership, financial analysis, marketing strategy, negotiation and training.

Though Steve Scott’s endeavors have already taken him from Birmingham, Alabama, to Puerto Rico, he plans to continue his business pursuits for years to come.